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Somebody very wise once said that "You are what you eat," and we at French Loaf believe in that completely. Enter any one of our outlets and you will see the amount of care, precision and love that goes into every one of our products. We believe in giving our customers nothing but the best, so rest assured, if it does not ‘rise’ to our expectations, it will not leave the kitchen!

From puffs, pastries, mousses, éclairs, sandwiches and breads, to cookies, crumbles, pies and more, French Loaf has something to please everybody’s palate. So come on in, and experience a little slice of heaven!

An exquisite patisserie and café that now has spread its wings all across the country, in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai and Kolkata, the master chefs and bakers at French Loaf have built a taste and brand so fine, that the world fell in love with it at first bite.

Spend hours connecting with people across the globe in our wi-fi enabled café, while savouring the flavours of our sinfully flavoured goodies and bites; alternately, if you are in the mood for some romance and star gazing, you could share a quaint table with your loved one in our garden bistro; simply sip on a delightfully frothy cappuccino, share some joy and watch the world pass you
by with a smile.
The French Loaf
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9:00 am - 11:00 pm

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