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RUMOUR : Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory has been around forever and is the greatest restaurant ever! FACT : Sandy’s Kitchen & Chocolate Laboratory was founded on April 20th 2009 by Mr. Sandesh Reddy! And we’re alright.

RUMOUR : Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory’s Menu was written by the Gods themselves with dishes unheard of and flavours previously unknown to the human palette FACT : Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory has an ever-evolving menu, consisting of clean, fresh flavours, experimental twists and continental themes. Our very many versions over the years aim to revive the menu while staying true to the fan-favourites!

RUMOUR : Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory has magical elves working all day and night, 365 days a year to produce the amazing food and desserts on the menu! FACT : Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory has a team consisting of very talented and hardworking chefs, bakers and service staff who aim to make your experience at Sandy’s a great one! But we DO work 356 days a year.

RUMOUR : The Tiny Chocolate Cake tastes so amazing because it is made from the hopes of angels, dipped in the giggles & dreams of new born babies. FACT : Okay, This one is true.

Now that that’s cleared up, do drop by Sandy’s to clear up any other rumours you may have heard! We hope to see you soon!

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